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Why an Australian-Malayali should buy a Flat/Villa in Kerala ?

Top 15 Reasons, to visit Kerala Property Expo – Australia 2020- as an Australian-Malayali buyer.

In prospective of an Australian Malayali, he/she would prefer to buy a Flat/Villa than an individual plot due to the following reasons as append below…

1.Exciting Factors

Residential apartment projects are sprouting up in almost every locality in Kerala, and with good reason. More and more people are opting to live in apartments for several factors such as, increased security, more amenities and less maintenance responsibility.

2.Invest in India with SUPER FUND

As per the latest Government policies (Both Australia & India), Overseas property investment by Australians, is now possible by investment from Self Managed Super Funds. It will make an outstanding impact on investing in Kerala upon high yielding properties like Flats, Villas and Service Apartments etc. The explanatory speech conducting by a prominent property invest mentor on Expo Day, will make you more perspicacious to put to use of this unique opportunity.

3.On Spot Offers

An attractive offer such as – Early bird, Last minute or Completed project – by a seller will create an enticement to an Australian investor. Both buyer and seller deals without an intermediary @Expo venue, on face to face for a fruitful relation.


As the entry costs are lower which is followed by a nominal mortgage (While compare in Australian Dollar) is a big thought as a buyer. An enormous increase in Rental return from tenants on recent period , aiding the buyer to benefit, minimizing the monthly repayment.


While buying a property, location is one of the primary factors determining the property that is purchased. People tend to buy property in the most secure places with all amenities like school, bank, hospital, market, Business Hubs etc nearby.


If you want to build your own independent house in the prime location of the city, it will cost you a lot more and may not give you any yield of income. Often the most desirable places in the city are taken up by developers who build apartments with all facilities like lift, car parking and security. For apartments the cost of the amenities are shared by the different families living in the apartment which reduces the cost per head. So it is often more viable to buy an apartment in a city than to buy a plot and build house in it. If the value goes up by 20% or 30%, within a short period of time, which is experiencing in several places of Kerala on recent years, is an arresting factor.


While in a built up apartment, the amenities like lift, car parking, water supply, electricity supply, power back-up, security, etc come along with the flat which is hassle free zone. Common amenities :- It is mandatory to check the facilities that will come with the new housing project where you are planning shift. A normal housing project must consist of all the necessary facilities while a luxurious one must come with both necessary and luxury facilities like Club House, Play Ground, Swimming Pool, House Keeping, Children’s park, Super market, Amply Theatre, Restaurant etc. The structural integrity of the building and the layout of the apartment should be key considerations for any buyer. Followed by that interior design is a process that provides its customers with a set of aesthetically pleasing but efficient solutions for a better use of the space in question. An apartment is cost effective and make much facilitation , comparing to an individual bungalow or multi stored house.


Where you live is at your sole discretion. When you invest for a new home make sure that; the neighbourhood is of your own social status and predilection. The community you live among will be of your own affinity. Your children will have good company to play with and easy to communicate.

9.Maintenance cost

Typically a flat requires less maintenance cost because it is divided into the number of families living there.

10.Strengthened safety

Increased safety is another factor, make an Australian metropolitan more concern to live in an Apartment rather than in an isolated rural area. Most apartments have several layers of entry. A main door, a side door or a fire door, then the door of your apartment. It’s more difficult for potential thieves to get access to your home in an apartment, particularly if your apartment has a foyer or secure front entry system.

11.Negotiation on ready to occupy Product

In this phase the project is 100% completed. There is very minimal risk at this stage as you can see firsthand how the finished apartment looks, and all the amenities that are provided and the buyer can proceed the paper works expeditiously to occupy. A completed project means, the builder is struggling to sell it after all the money he paid on his own. In such Situations buyers are cautious of the new-build market, and the chance for bargains to be had for those who are clever about their negotiating and due diligence.

12.Joint-Venture Possibility

If you are an owner of a titled land, which have much potential to develop as a project and facing lack of investment, then this Expo is the venue to find a right partner. Both you and the builder can make it as a joint-venture scheme. In very simple terms, a joint venture in property development is an arrangement between two or more partners to co-operate together in order to achieve a common set of goals, outcomes or objectives by sharing worth of the land and money to develop each other. Hence, the largest and most complex property Expo is conducting very first time in Australia, focusing on some of the major developers locally from Kerala, which will help an Australia-Malayali to have a fruitful interaction at the Expo.

13.Buy & Rent back

The concept of sale and rent back scheme run by the builder allows the buyer to purchase a Flat or Villa and then rent it back to the same builder as a tenant. This idea is a durable opportunity, where the builder can run it as a full furnished service Apartment hotel/Company Guest house. From buyers’ prospective, they can use of it over their holiday vacation towards an interval of Week(s) or Month(s) period and earn a high yielding rent in return from rest of the month/year thereafter which will minimize the mortgage.

14.Venue for FAQs

Kerala property Expo – will be the right platform to find the best answers for all their concerns on buying a flat/Apartment/Villa . So, the interrogations in regards, the guidance on Home Loans, Paper works, Payment plans, rentals, property managing etc…. Hence all the FAQs and suitable answers will be taken place at a time at right venue.

15.Kerala property Expo

will be the right platform to find the best answers for all their concerns on buying a flat/Apartment/Villa . So, the interrogations in regards, the guidance on Home Loans, Paper works, Payment plans, rentals, property managing etc…. Hence all the FAQs and suitable answers will be taken place at a time at right venue.15. Wide Range : Kerala Property Expo – Australia 2020 – is the appropriate venue to find your suitable Builder as per your budget. The exhibitors do have wide range of products in Residential/Commercial, price features, location wise, finance arrangements and other services to pick ‘n’ mix.